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What You Need to Know Before Painting Staircase, Landing, Paint Hallway or Stairs Painting?

This time, we will look at how to paint the wall of a staircase, stairs painting, explain what to look for and what materials to use.

Painting the walls of a staircase can be done with many materials, but they must meet certain requirements:

Environmental Friendliness

There are many people walking up the stairs. They also often move in shoes and moisture can get on the surface. Not all materials can withstand it. And if the material is not of high quality, then when wet, it can emit not only an unpleasant smell, but also be harmful to health.

Ease of Cleaning

This indicator, perhaps, is clear to everyone. After all, the dirt must be removed and it must be comfortable. The material must also be able to withstand the cleaning of marks without damage. Especially if the children apply drawings.

Finish Colors

The color range of durable paints for stairwell painting is quite large. But it is worth giving preference to those on which any dust is not immediately visible.


Mandatory conditions before painting the staircase are the cleanliness of the floor, railings, steps, sockets, steps, windows of other places. Since it is very easy to damage with paint everything that is not painted, then particular attention should be paid to pasting the steps and protecting the carpet, covering with masking tape and protecting furniture or things in the room. Not all masking tapes can adhere well and not leak, and not all sheets or plastic films can protect and not tear during the painting process.


The staircase is one of the most visited places in the house and safety is an important factor. All materials that protect floors are very slippery and dangerous for residents, it is not uncommon for even the painters themselves to be injured. Therefore, it is worth taking care that all residents of the building where stairs are being painted should either have a safe passage or be informed of the danger and move carefully and slowly up the stairs.

Chose Only Strong Types of Paint

Washable wall paint is a special type of paint that is water-resistant and more durable than conventional paints. Such paint creates a coating on the walls that is resistant to mechanical damage and is not afraid of moisture, which can be washed many times using ordinary household chemicals.

Therefore, it is very important not to save money and choose the most durable types of paints for stairs and halls. Such compositions are universal and therefore can be used for painting almost any surface - concrete, drywall, brick, plaster, wood, wallpaper for painting and others. Thanks to polymers, the paint is perfectly attached to the surface and forms a dense "film" on it, which can withstand several thousand cleaning cycles.

Stairs painting

In any two-story house there is a staircase. Carrying out painting work, do not forget about it. Painting such an element is very important, because it is necessary to choose the right paint, primer, and the preparation process in accordance with certain requirements for long-term use of the stairs, it is important to process it correctly, otherwise the material may begin to crack and flake off.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will be happy to give you advice or by clicking the button below, book a stair or staircase painting service with us.

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