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What is the best paint for a bathroom?

There are many ways to paint bathroom walls. Some prefer a combined option, in which part of the wall near the bathtub or shower stall is tiled, and the rest of the space is painted. Others prefer to paint over the entire bathroom. And in this case, the question immediately arises: is any paint capable of withstanding high humidity and water splashes for a long time? Moreover, the water in the domestic water supply, as a rule, is chlorinated, and this chemical can adversely affect the paintwork.

At the end of this article, you will find examples of what we think are the best bathroom paints that can be easily found in Dublin and across Ireland.

What existing types of bathroom paints

Thus, it is better to choose a specialized paint that is not afraid of close contact with water. The main properties that bathroom paint should have are its excellent protective qualities, a quick-drying process, the absence of unpleasant odors and excellent hygienic characteristics.

The following types of paints and varnishes can meet the above requirements:

  • Water-based emulsions;

  • latex paints;

  • Compositions containing acrylic ingredients;

  • Various silicones;

  • Derivatives from rubber;

  • alkyd composites.

At one time (20-30 years ago), oil paints were used to decorate rooms with high humidity, however, today they are no longer relevant. This is due to the fact that in many respects they lose to modern compositions (specifically, in terms of the degree of moisture resistance).

The main criteria for choosing paint for the bathroom

Before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the qualities of a particular paint and decide on its compliance with the necessary parameters. Most of the information about the coatings is directly indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use (it can be supplied as a separate booklet or printed on the paint container). So you need to get information about:

  • Drying speed;

  • The elasticity of the future coating;

  • Moisture resistance;

  • Approximate period of operation;

  • Features of the painting process;

  • Requirements for the evenness of the walls;

  • The presence of additional ingredients (antifungal elements, special coloring pigments);

  • Toxicity of the agent, danger to humans

We have selected for you some examples of paints approved by our experts and those that you can easily find in stores throughout Ireland:

To decide which bathroom paint is better, you need to study all the technical and operational characteristics, properties, and scope. Of course, it is worth buying paint only in specialized stores in order to avoid low-quality products.


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